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So you want to get away, but at the minute you’re sure you want to stay in the UK? Whether the budget for flights is just not there, or you just want to be a little bit closer to home, we know that UK breaks can be just as incredible as going abroad. That’s why we’ve introduced our new category of posts: Staycations! We’ll be covering lots of UK destinations, some of your most popular, and some that are less visited. And as always, we will only ever write about places that we have personally visited, so you get our 100% honest opinion.

We thought we’d start with one of the most popular UK Summer holiday destinations, and we completely understand why so many Brits choose to visit this county on a yearly basis. Cornwall, despite being in rainy England, tends to feel very sunny, summery and bright, especially when you visit from May-September. Yes - the main cities and holiday resorts can get incredibly busy, even more so in the school holidays, but there are also lots of countryside areas where you can escape the crowds and find some real peace and serenity.

Sunkissed shores - Cornwall is often chosen as a UK holiday destination because of its gorgeous beaches. There are so many typical UK seaside resorts in this county with delicious fish and chips, cafes, amusements, and sand to lay out on and just relax. Or, if you’re less into the busy areas, and you want to hike over cliffs to a desolate, rocky cove and take in the stunning natural surroundings away from the bustle of the cities, Cornwall can definitely offer this too. It only takes a quick google search to find the closest beaches to the town you’re staying in, and Cornwall definitely has something to suit everybody, no matter your taste. Try Sennen Cove to see the Mulheim Shipwreck or Porthguarra Cove on the West Coast!

Of course, the only downside to UK holidays is the unpredictable weather, and a beach day is never quite as fun if it’s 11 degrees and pouring with rain. However, Cornwall’s weather is significantly better than a lot of the UK and if it does rain, you can cosy up in your accommodation, chill in a café, or even take a trip to a nearby city such as Plymouth or Exeter and have a shopping day!

Picturesque towns - If you’re going to Cornwall for more than a couple of days, make sure to explore a little further than the town that you’re staying within. Although Newquay, St Ives and St Austell are all lovely areas, there is so much more to Cornwall than these major towns. If you’re taking your car, there are generally lots of towns and villages within a short drive. Our favourite that we would always recommend is the town of Fowey. It’s got a gorgeous harbour, narrow, winding streets with colourful buildings, paths up to the cliff tops and lots of nearby coves. We much preferred this to St Austell, which was the town we actually stayed in!

A lake with a few sailboats and a harbour behind it covered with trees and houses
Fowey, Cornwall

The scenic route - A trip to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without exploring some of the amazing scenery! Although it’s the most popular route and can be crowded at points, we think that the South West Coastal Path is an amazing place to start seeing those sights. The path runs all the way around the South West coast, stretching into Somerset, Dorset and Devon through lush forests, grassy meadows, and up and down peaks with incredible views of the sea the whole way! Some parts are challenging, but it’s always worth the climb when you look down on the rocky coves or see the busy towns from above. Of course, there are many more hiking trails throughout Cornwall and you can always stray from the main route if you’re a little more experienced. Either way, the scenery is certainly breathtaking, and not worth missing!

Whether Cornwall has been on your bucket list for years, or it’s somewhere you’re only just considering, don’t hesitate to try it. It can definitely be a destination for the adventurer, to explore, hike, and enjoy, but also can be an extremely relaxing destination where you can cosy up in a pub or lounge on the beach.

Additional information:

Getting there: Cornwall is easy to get to from most parts of the UK via road and rail. Cornwall Airport Newquay also has several domestic flights.

Cozzie Livs: Cornwall Compared to other destinations in the UK, can be rather expensive!

PintPrice: In the touristy areas, expect to pay around £6-7 for a pint of beer.

Ready to go?

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