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Lake Bled

An escape from the capital!

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Bled is a small but beautiful city, home to one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. When you arrive, you’ll feel as though you’re staring at a screensaver, not there in real life! The landscape is unbelievable: rugged mountains, clear water, and pretty churches. Plus, this tranquil place is only around a 40 minute drive from Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, and very easy to access via public transport. 

Lake Bled, Slovenia
The absolutely stunning Lake Bled!

Take in the views - Of course, the highlight of visiting Bled is the famous lake. Although it’s in the countryside and out of the capital city, this area is still a tourist hotspot, so be prepared to meet lots of others on your walk around the lake.

It takes around 2 hours to walk around the entire circumference of the lake, and you’ll spend the entire time in awe as you stare at the absolutely gorgeous scenery. The paths are clear and safe to walk in all weathers, and there isn’t much of an incline at any point, so this should be an accessible walk for all ages and abilities. 

A view of Lake Bled, Slovenia, from the surrounding mountains
The view from the photo point we visited (see maps below)

If you’re looking for a little more of an adventure, there are plenty of routes off the main path to explore. We took a hike up to one of the photo points, which was a little slippery after the cold and wet winter weather, and steep at points. But it was completely worth it - just look at that view!

You can find that specific photo point below:

Not only can you explore by foot, but an absolute must in Bled is taking a gondola ride to the island in the middle. This isn't something you need to book in advance - you'll find lots of stands around the lake offering this service. Once you arrive at the island, you can take the 99 steps up the famous stone staircase to the chapel and even taste a traditional kremšnita (A cream cake which originated in Bled) in their small café.

Don’t miss Bled castle - you have to climb quite a lot of stairs to get up to the entrance, but again, the views are so worth it! This is a paid attraction, so it’s probably not worth the long hike if you’re on a budget and don’t want to pay the 17 Euro entry fee when you arrive. If you do pay to enter, you’ll find exhibitions, museums, shops and an impressive restaurant. You can also explore rooms such as the wine cellar, tower, printworks and chapel.

A traditional cream cake from Bled - called kremšnita

Taste local specialities - You can’t leave Bled without trying a traditional kremšnita . As we mentioned before, it’s a type of cream cake that originated here and is still very much loved by locals and tourists alike. You’ll see these advertised at lots of cafes and restaurants, so don’t worry, you won’t have to hunt to find one. 

Don’t stop at this sweet treat - try some other traditional Slovenian food too! A great place to try out some local favourites is The Old Cellar - a recommended spot for Slovenian cuisine. We were so impressed with the service and the quality of the food here. The staff were so friendly, explained the origins and ingredients of dishes to us when we were confused and helped us to decide which option to try!

Plus, did you know that Slovenia is actually known for having amazing pizza? With them being so close to the Italian border, they know how to make some of the best pizzas and pastas ever, which is a nice change if you’ve been eating traditional Slovenian food for a few days. One great place we tried is Pizzeria Rustika. It’s perfect as it’s close to the stunning St. Martin’s Church if you want to combine it with some sightseeing!

Not only is Bled one of the most picturesque places we’ve ever visited, it’s surrounded with all the attractions and facilities you could possibly need when you’re away from home - from shops and restaurants, to great public transport, to outdoor activities or museums! It’s a place where you’ll instantly feel at home and at peace, in surroundings that are so beautiful they don’t even seem real.

The mountains surrounding Lake Bled, Slovenia

Additional information:

Getting there: Lake Bled's closest airport is Ljubljana. This is easily accessible by air internationally. There are regular flights from several cities in the UK, and they’re generally pretty affordable too. You can also get to Bled by train and coach from major cities in Slovenia and surrounding countries.

Visas: Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to visit Slovenia for a stay of up to 90 days.

Currency: The currency of Slovenia is the Euro.

Language: The official language of Slovenia is Slovenian, but English is widely spoken in tourist hotspots such as Ljubljana and Bled.

Time zone: Slovenia is in the Central European Time Zone, usually an hour ahead of the UK.

Ready to go?

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